It is obvious that in most modern apartments the doors not only serve their primarily purpose, which is to divide the space and secure the interior - they have also become one of the principal details of the interior and the exterior which reflects the aesthetic style and the creed of the owner. This is why we offer our customers perhaps the greatest assortment of doors, starting from the luxurious doors, stalls, slinding doors, partition walls and ending with the standard wooden/ aluminium solutions. If a customer still finds it difficult to find the most acceptable variety, we will be delighted to accept a custom order and manufacture the door which will meet the individual requirements of each and every client. If you are able to visit us, please come to our office (Dārzciema iela 60 ) and we will find solution for your preferences... There bellow you can find just some of pictures with Doleta made doors, and  make sure that the door made by us is really right choise.