The cupola is a really very attractive architecture development. During our business period, we have designed and built more than one, two and three cupolas,  in fact of made all those on all with our technical skills, followed correct technologies and consider the design and view of made by Doleta cupolas we give us the right to call themselves leaders of the cupola  construction sphere.Ecology of cupola and the degree of opaqueness is of the greatest and right points should be done in modern architecture. Efficiency of lighting rooms with natural light is one of the main objectives of the transparent cupola, it is proved that due to high light permeability of the room lighting designs several times better than conventional windows. Airflow with a transparent cupola as a rule does not require mechanical ventilation, natural circulation of air occurs through the warm air rises, and then through the hole comes out, and cool, fresh air comes to replace it. Natural light is absolutely free of charge and environmentally friendly. The degree of opaqueness (transparency) depends on the material used in cupola making, all materials are widely mostly used for the cupola production have the translucent maximum capacity, so Doletas manufacturing use the most of them as well. Cupola also ideal for decorating front doors or giving colour to a façade: everywhere a touch of style.