Aluminium Windows

If Your construction is built to serve many generations or to stand the manufacture pressure – the aluminium widows would be the right choice. Aluminium windows are durable and fireproof and don’t lose their functionality in time. The aluminium construction heat and sound insulation, as well as water and wind resistance, will provide you the maximum comfort. Aluminium windows have a lot of advantages, there most of them:

  • long service life;
  • corrosional stability, as well as  protection from deformation and have an influence upon different natural phenomenon;
  • no response status for agressive corrosive environment  effects, such as acid, ultraviolet, oils and gas
  • doesn't needs special care;
  • ecological characteristic remain and don't be lost over the service life time;

 Doleta can produce aluminium constructions of different shape, colour and size. Designing, manufacturing and installation is done by qualified specialist, and the manufactured constructions have a some-year-long warranty. We are at your service!