Wooden Windows

Wood, as a construction material, has been known to people since ancient times. Even now, there are well-preserved wooden windows, which were manufactured over a century ago, although technology of that time was far from being perfect. The environmental advantages of wood are undoubted. This material creates a pleasant climate and a cosy atmosphere at home. One can easily make certain of the excellent heat-insulating properties of wood, when touching units made of this material even in case of large temperature differences in the premises and outside.. Doleta is manufacturing wooden windows with the in-built double glazing pane, according to the highest modern technology, by using only high-quality and environmentally friendly materials. Our production capacities allow us to fulfil any orders and implement even large-scale projects. We are also capable of offering any model, type and size of windows, due to using modern technologies and efficient production, that makes Doleta known and respectable name.