Winter Garden

One of the Doletas business areas is a manufacturer of winter gardens. Winter Garden - is one of the most complex and most sophisticated and significant design objects in the architecture science. To obtain and order a  winter garden (conservatory) it is essential to understand the purpose you wish to use the garden for. Since olden times people have striven to be closer to the nature. The glass construction gives a lot of light and completely protects from the rain and snow. Cupola build from the glass can be build an extension as an addition to the residential space, and as a separate room where you can enjoy the sunshine and beautiful flowers for example. Veranda, built using systems of winter gardens made of wood and aluminum, will be suitable for life, not only as a summer cosy nook, and became a favorite place for recreation or for the dinner joint with your friends and family. Doletas technologies allow to perform any kind of  unique winter garden. Aluminium winter design can be ideal also for permanent building space to be in. Even in the coldest months, and during the whole year, winter gardens made of aluminum will be a great place for relaxation and recreation. Reliable, unique and very elegant winter gardens are manufactured by Doleta will enable you to wildest dreams and fantasies realize in real life.